The Choir's final concert - St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

History of the Tour

We had originally planned to tour in October 2009, but with the economic crisis, many of our members were feeling a financial cruch, to put it lightly. I made the difficult decision to postpone the tour one calendar year, a decision which I don't regret in the least! There are 42 people going on the tour, 28 of whom are singers.

In early 2010, a brave group of women in the choir (now officially dubbed the "Choir Queens") met to brainstorm ways to make the trip exciting for everyone and get members of the congregation involved. They decided to raise funds to pay for any of our faithful and grossly underpaid section leaders who wanted to attend. We did a Hymn-a-thon in January, where on a sunny Saturday we sang nearly 300 hymns from the Presbyterian Hymnal in under 8 hours; a Ladies Luncheon in February, where the Gathering Space was transformed into an elegant cafe, and several tenors and basses served as the dashing waitstaff; and the big "Dinner and a Show" in May, complete with food, wine, and great entertainment. The good news is that we met our goal and were able to fund 4 trips!

I'll post again in a few days and talk about what we will sing and where and other juicy details. Thank you for following our journey!


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