The Choir's final concert - St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Friday, October 8, 2010

Departure Day has arrived!

A Prayer for the Journey

O God of Heather and Field, Hearth and Home, Kirk and Cathedral, grant unto your pilgrims the safety of crossing the waters, the joy of lifting up melodies and musings in the beauty that awaits them. May their voices be as one in the lifting of souls and spirits so that the beauty and the grander of holy places will be as alive as the soul of the saints that dwell where they go. May they find peace in the stillness, laughter in folly, and awe in the stunning beauty of all that will envelop them.

“And May the strength of God pilot them.
            May the wisdom of God instruct them
                        May the hand of God protect them
                                    May the word of God direct them
                                                And May your salvation, O Lord, be always theirs
                                                            As they journey, and forevermore. *”        Amen

[Adapted from a Prayer of St. Patrick A.D. 373]

A Prayer Written by Rev. Dr. Paul T. Reiter on the occasion of the Choir Tour of the First presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, MO to Scotland and England

Dear friends,
After nearly two and half years of waiting, we leave today. 
My next post will be from Edinburgh!
Peace and Grace, Bill 


  1. Bon Voyage! I hope you have a peaceful and wonderful trip! Looking forward to keeping tabs via the blog!

  2. I envy you all your tour and all the music you'll be giving everyone. It has been a beautiful day in St. Louis, and I'm sure it's an omen.