The Choir's final concert - St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Finishing Touches

Last evening we had our final rehearsal before this Friday's departure. It was a good time of music practice, fine-tuning, and laughter. The sound put forth by these choristers is so lovely, and at times, pure bliss. The other element that was present last night was the spirit in this group of singers.

I spoke of connectedness to the Chancel Choir a few weeks ago. The members of a choir are connected by many things: notes, rhythms, breathing....this is the stuff of our "choral DNA." A choir is not a group of soloists, but an ensemble of sound. This only comes about through patient rehearsal and practice. I'm proud to say that the choir representing this congregation has achieved that beautiful ensemble, and will do us all proud!

3 days and counting.....

Peace be with you,

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