The Choir's final concert - St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's been a marvelous day in York, England! We drove into this ancient city after breakfast and walked to York Minster, the massive cathedral church in the middle of town. After a tour of the cathedral and viewing its incredible stained glass windows, we performed a 20 minute recital in the north transept. Once again we heard ourselves singing in a space that has produced magnificent sacred music for centuries - what an awesome feeling. The window behind where we sang (see the photos below) dates from the 13th century and contains over 100,000 pieces of glass.

After the recital we had a short tour of the city, then were "set free" for an afternoon of leisure. Most of us wandered the city, shopped, ate, and enjoyed another sunny day in England. We wandered down Shambles Street with its ancient street, shops, and houses, expecting Charles Dickens to come walking around the corner at any moment!

Some of us returned to the Minster at 5:15 and attended Choral Evensong. We sat in the Quire and were mesmerized by the choir of men and girls (the boys and girls alternate days) as they led us in choral prayer.

Tomorrow morning we drive south to Canterbury and sing a half hour concert at 1:00 p.m. I am proud and so happy to let you know that at the end of each day I have said, "It's been a great day!" Thank you all, at home and abroad, for your prayers and good wishes. We do carry them with us everywhere we go.

Enjoy some new new pictures to the right and below.

Peace and good night,

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  1. It must have been wonderful to sing in such an awe-inspiring place! Practice your Chaucer for the Canterbury visit---"Whan that Aprille..."